Lynsted Park

J&M Wedding

Most people are engaged for a little while before they begin to find a venue and shape their wedding day. J&M had decided on Lynsted Park a mere few hours after “will you marry me” had been uttered. Most people take a year or so to organise their dream wedding.  J&M did that in 10 weeks.  This was no ordinary wedding because J&M are no ordinary duo.  The utterly charming couple, and their equally wonderful friends and family took Lynsted Park by storm.  From start to finish there were endless smiles and laughter. The Mr and Mrs M wedding party were a formidable workforce, from beautifully handmade decorations, to guest slippers, to personalised notes and gifts on tables, the attention to detail was incredible.  And yet, there was a superb simplicity to this wedding day, with friends and family chipping-in to help in so many ways, it was neither lavish nor wasteful; it was just perfect.  With our garden-picked foliage, fairy lights and votive candles, the marquee looked stunning by day and by night.  With bubble-machines, discreetly tucked into the hedges of the yew avenue, children played amongst the floating, glassy orbs, while the adults sipped presecco on the lawn.  Thank you to the fabulous photographers F&E, kind friends of J&M’s, who captured the day effortlessly well,  and to the ever brilliant Best-in-Tent team for their Marquee. Housed in this magical tent was the super talented caterer Annabel Tullberg, our thanks to her and her team.  Canterbury Hire provided all the glasses, and there was wonderful singing from Matt, and epic toast-mastering from Sian at Busy Brides. A huge thank you to Lynsted Park staff for their, much complimented, kindness and hard work and most of all we are indebted to J&M and their gorgeous families for creating the very happiest of days at Lynsted Park.